Future Sky Theme 3 2019 - 2026


TSE 2 and TSE 3 already ask for new energy concepts. To summarize the whole approach, including ground logistics, the last TSE shall address the energy system on-board and on-ground.

In addition to the propulsion research and development different energy sources need to be investigated: batteries, fuel cells, enhanced turbines driving electrical engines, etc. The overall approach must look at the complete balance, including all needs on ground, i.e. at the airport as well as in the energy supply. As a side activity, also the use of alternative fuels needs to be addressed, not only biofuels, but also specifically designed fuels. Only with this last element, the whole 24/7 goal can be gained, and the complete impact of aviation to the environment can be analysed. The outcome of this TSE can be used not only to develop specific technologies, but also to set European standards worldwide, and to calculate overall costs. By this, one of the major FlightPath2050 goals can be approached in the given time frame.