Landside interfaces

Landside interfaces subtitle

Depending on other activities e.g. on the train research side, intermodal aspects should be covered in smaller projects. FlightPath2050 defines the “4-hour-door-to-door” goal: “90% of travellers are able to reach their destination in Europe door-to-door within 4 hours”. Aviation will play a major role; however research in other transport modes is needed to fulfil this goal.

Not only the vehicles must be adapted to fast loading/unloading as well as turnaround, also the landside and the airside part of airport processes must be adapted accordingly.

Addressed via CSA and Level 1 projects, harmonized by EREA towards the overall Future Sky goal of “24/7”, these activities shall provide ideas, solutions and simulations on the aviation side, by this providing the interface to the other modes. It would be ideal if they would join in with appropriate programmes, however, with this set-up of instruments solutions can be provided e.g. to the “4-hour-goal” even by assuming the landside links.